Monday, August 6, 2012

Last Month's Glossary Updates

The Software Marketing Glossary on my website is huge, and growing. If you're enjoying my Software Marketing Blog, you're going to love the Glossary.

In recent weeks, I've added two feature-length articles that will help you sell more software -

Competing with Software Giants

Well-financed software development companies have some advantages over small independent software vendors (microISVs). That doesn't mean that you can't compete effectively with software giants. But you do have to position and market your applications with these giant software publishers in mind. Here are some software marketing ideas that can help you go head-to-head with huge software publishers.


If your prospects trust and respect you, they'll be much more likely to reach for their credit cards. Here are some software marketing ideas that will get your prospects to take you seriously. This article has wall-to-wall practical ideas that can increase your software sales.

I've also added two articles that sound mundane. But these short pieces talk about the marketing implications - the software-selling, money-making implications - of these two routine business functions -

Error 404's

Error 404's affect your image, your credibility, and your software sales. If you can't write simple HTML without creating "page not found" errors, then a lot of your prospects are going to think that they don't want you changing their computers' Windows Registries. Eliminate error 404's, and sell more software.

Password Marketing

Passwords have a marketing element that can increase your software sales. Here's how you can build a relationship with prospects by helping them choose strong passwords to protect the files that your software creates. By making prospects comfortable with your software's password security regimen, you build customer trust - and you build customer sales.

In addition, I've added a handful of new marketing terms to the Glossary. These are software marketing concepts that software developers need to understand in order to maximize sales and profits - concepts like heritage differentiation, brand journalism, marcom, and sales funnel.

The Software Marketing Glossary is huge. It's fun. It's nicely illustrated. It has lots of "attitude". And the Glossary can boost your software sales.

Please check it out!

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  1. You are so right about those 404 errors! Lately I have been running into them much more often than in the past. All too often they appear in crucial places, such as the FAQ or the support area. It ruins the credibility of any business and makes it seem as though they never update their website.