Thursday, August 23, 2012

Newspapers, Magazines, and Blogs
Use News Releases

Nearly all of the computer publications print software news from the press releases that they receive. These publications' editors are eager to tell their readers about the newest software applications. Like yours.

Business and consumer magazines print press releases about software, too. So do daily newspapers. Even if magazines and newspapers don't have dedicated "What's New?" columns, their writers use New Product Announcements to stay informed about the latest software.

You've heard a lot about the decline of the magazine and newspaper industry. These publications no longer devote revenue to hiring lots of software reviewers. As a result, magazine and newspaper writers depend even more upon the press releases that they receive. Press releases are the vehicle that these journals use to get the information that they need about the latest software.

Bloggers spread the word about new and updated software. Some bloggers welcome press releases, while others prefer to be courted individually.

Wire services and syndicated columnists welcome software-related press releases. They turn press releases into news columns that appear in magazines, newspapers, and online. All of these key communicators should be on the distribution list that you use to get free publicity for your software.

Get tons of software publicity without spending oodles of money.

To increase your computer and smartphone software sales, your press release has to be written in proper English. If you use my news release submission service, I'll review your press release for free and give you my feedback. If you'd prefer, I can write your press release for you, affordably and quickly.

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