Thursday, August 2, 2012

Press Releases for Software Developers

use news releases to sell more software
A press release is an email about your software application that you send to bloggers, reviewers, editors, columnists, and technical writers.

If these trend-makers and highly influential people think their readers will be interested in your software, they'll post the press release online, or write about your program in their publications. Those 200-word software descriptions that you read in computer magazines and in newspaper columns are your competitors' press releases. These New Product Announcements were printed for free.

Millions of software buyers make their selections based on the recommendations of these editors and bloggers. Writing and sending press releases should be at the heart of your software marketing efforts. Press releases can increase your software sales, especially with people who don't spend a lot of time looking for software on the Internet.

Press releases, also known as news releases and New Product Announcements, are an inexpensive way to generate interest and excitement about your software. Since 1984, I've been writing press releases for software developers, and sending them to the press. As one of the features of this new blog, I'll give you the information you'll need to write and submit news releases, so you can get your share of free publicity.

There will be detailed information on choosing a topic for your press release, appealing to your target audience, structuring and formatting the news release, and all of the insider tips to make your press release campaign successful.

Our press release services can help you sell more software and SaaS.

You need to send your New Product Announcement to the proper press people. You're wasting time and money if you're submitting news releases to generic names (such as "Software Editor" versus real names such as "Sam Jones") or to generic addresses (such as news@ instead of sjones@). Use a professional press release submission service that will deliver your news releases to the editors' personal mailboxes.

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