Friday, August 10, 2012

Timing and Negotiation

Herb Cohen has a lot of ideas about convincing your negotiation opponent to make a concession. He discusses his insights in his excellent 2003 book "Negotiate This! by Caring, But Not T-H-A-T Much."
Throughout the life of your software development business, you'll find yourself negotiating with eCommerce companies, download sites, programmers for hire, copywriters, and competitors.
Timing is important. Never wait until the deadline is close before you attempt to find a settlement. Here are four ideas from Herb Cohen that will help you gain an edge over your opponent:
  1. Make the other guys believe that their delaying tactics are not helping them achieve their goals.
  2. Don't let them think that they can get you to give in because they're being stubborn.
  3. Send a message that you'll take back concessions that you've given earlier if they continue to stonewall you.
  4. Let them know that your last offer is better (for them) than having no agreement.
Your opponent has a deadline, too. The side with the tighter deadline is at a disadvantage, especially if the other side knows about their timeframe.
Patience pays off. Turn time constraints into an advantage, and negotiate the best arrangement possible.

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