Sunday, September 30, 2012

Press Releases and Software Reviewers

Press releases are the best way to get your software reviewed in newspapers, consumer and trade technical magazines, vertical-market publications, and even on some blogs. And the good news is that these folks don't charge you to review microISVs' software.

There are four good things that can happen as a result of software developers sending press releases to the editors:

  • Most computer magazines and most tech newspaper columnists use software news releases as short pieces in their editorial mix. Often these writers will take three or four sentences from the top of a microISV's press release for these "filler" articles.
  • If you send the editors a professionally-written press release, you increase your chances of getting an in-depth write-up. Such a write-up can be posted online or printed in their newspaper or magazine.
  • Many editors keep software press releases for up to 24 months, both for reference and for use in their round-up articles. The news release that you submit to the editors this week could show up in roundup articles with titles like "Best to-do apps for iOS" or "Best photography software for Windows".
  • If your press release gets editors excited about your program, they might do a full review of your software. The best coverage that you can get is a write-up that says, "Nice application! I tried it, and I like it."
Some publications have dedicated software reviewers. Be sure you send them your New Product Announcements. Most publications have multiple editors who review applications as part of their day-to-day editorial work. Making sure that they know about your software should be part of your software marketing plan, too.
A poorly-written news release won't increase your software income.
Your news release has to convince bloggers and editors that you have a unique application that can make their readers' lives more productive. Your press release also has to sell your program's benefits to the publications' subscribers. You have to accomplish these goals without sounding like you're delivering a sales pitch. You need professional help from an experienced press release person. Learn more about my press release services.

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