Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Selling Software to Women

Women make 80 percent of all purchasing decisions. Yet we've been told that it's politically incorrect to consider women and men differently when it comes to understanding how they make buying decisions.

Truth is, it's important to learn how to market to women. That's the theme of the book "EVEolution - Understanding Women - Eight Essential Truths that Work in Your Business and Your Life" by Faith Popcorn and Lys Marigold.

Popcorn and Marigold devote a chapter to the notion that, when selling products or services to women, everything matters. You can't simply write a persuasive sales pitch and expect a lot of women to buy your stuff.

Popcorn and Marigold say that women can't be deceived. At least, not a second time. Don't even try, the authors warn us. Women do business with people they trust. Your reputation is very important when selling to women.

Everything matters, the authors insist. In addition to being interested in value, women are also interested in values.

Policies matter. If they were in the software development industry, the authors might argue that microISVs need to have "About the Company" pages that describe their companies - and their values.

BrandWeek magazine ran a survey that showed that women are more likely to buy holiday presents from stores that do good deeds.

Popcorn and Marigold say that we need to create a brand with a soul, and make sure our websites show who we are. People in the software industry need to create websites based on who they really are, and not on how they want to be perceived.

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