Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Understanding Marketing and Understanding Customers

Many managers and business owners don't know what marketing is. So say John Stanton and Richard George, the authors of the book "Success Leaves Clues."

The authors say that many business people think that they know what is going on in the marketplace. Stanton and George believe that the people who have worked hard to learn what their customers and prospects are thinking probably have a very good idea of what the marketplace looks like. The other business managers and entrepreneurs have ideas that are based either on their mothers' behavior from decades past, or on the things that they blindly wish were true.

It's important to know your customers. Equally important is knowing what's going on in the minds of people you haven't been able to convince to be your customers.

Marketing is all about satisfying customers. And "satisfying," Stanton and George tell us, means "making what can be sold, not selling what can be made."

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