Monday, October 29, 2012

Business is Not just about Making Money

Many successful businesses make money, Robert A. Lutz tells us. But very few of them set as their primary goal to make money.

Lutz is the former President and Vice Chairman of Chrysler Corporation, and the author of the book "Guts - The seven laws of business that made Chrysler the world's hottest car company."

The title of Chapter 5 explains Lutz' beliefs - "The primary purpose of business is not to make money." Most successful businesses are driven by entrepreneurs with a passion. And making a lot of money is a secondary goal.

You must have top-shelf products and services to succeed. And that requires enthusiasm and dedication on the part of the business owners.

It's not enough to produce really nice products or services. We have to produce things that people can't live without.

To consistently create products and services that prospects are passionate about, you have to have a right-brain process that rewards creativity. And you need a left-brain process that reviews all of these creative ideas, and makes logical decisions about which ones to pursue.

Lutz used ideas like this to turn the Chrysler Corporation around. And microISVs can use Lutz' ideas to strengthen their software marketing.

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