Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Online Press Portals

Software developers shouldn't spend time feeding the free online press portals. These are the websites that post every press release that they receive. And they're not going to help you sell more of your software.

Editors don't read these free press release portals. They don't have the time to sort through thousands of poorly-written press releases in the hope of finding a software announcement that they can print in their magazine or post online.

Software buyers don't read these free press release portals. Software buyers rely upon the expertise of editors and bloggers when deciding which software to buy. They don't want to read tons of unedited press releases, each touting their own software as the best in the world.

The search engines aren't fooled by these press portals. You're not going to get good Google juice from having your software press releases posted there.

Today's free press release portals are like yesterday's free-for-all (FFA) sites. They don't distribute your press release to people who need to see it. They use your content to sell search engine clicks, and to collect email addresses for spammers.

If software bloggers and editors don't visit a particular site, and if software buyers don't visit that site, then don't send that site your press release. Instead, build your own press release distribution list, or work with a reputable press release submission service - like ours - to send your software announcements to editors, columnists, and bloggers. It's good software marketing.

Hundreds of editors and bloggers could tell their readers about your software. Free! Start the process by sending them your press release. Start your news release campaign today.

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