Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stakeholder Relationships for microISVs

The fourth deadly marketing sin is failure to properly manage your relationships with your company's stakeholders. So says Philip Kotler, author of the book "Ten Deadly Marketing Sins - Signs and Solutions."

Kotler says that you can tell that a company has this problem because it doesn't play well with its employees, second-tier suppliers and distributors, partners, and investors. If Kotler were writing for the software development industry, and for microISVs, he might have said that the signs to look for are constant complaints about eCommerce providers, download sites, and the giants of the industry.

The solution, according to Kotler, is to abandon the notion that either we end up with the money or the other guy gets to keep it. The author urges us to think in terms of expanding our businesses, to the benefit of all of our stakeholders. If we're able to expand the business, everybody wins.

Sure, we still need to avoid some of the abusive situations that invariably arise out of a lopsided relationship between companies - the distorted version of the Golden Rule that says that whoever has the gold makes the rules.

But Kotler urges us to develop constructive relationships with all of our stakeholders. It's good software marketing.

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