Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Press Releases Versus Advertisements

Press releases need to be part of your software marketing strategy. Press releases are a very cost-effective vehicle compared with buying clicks, banner ads, print ads, broadcast ads, brochures, directories, contests, sweepstakes, seminars, sponsorships, trade shows, postal mail, catalogs, and other techniques to generate sales.

When prospects read your advertisements, they know that the sales message was bought and paid for. But when they read a press release about your software, the readers may not be aware that your company initiated the process by sending the editor a press release. And they may or may not realize that distributing your New Product Announcement is just the beginning of the press release process.

An independent editor, columnist, or blogger has chosen your news release for printing or for posting on their website. The press release is seen as the editor's description of your software. The publicity that you get from submitting press releases is more believable than your paid advertisements. Trusted editors' endorsements can inspire many software purchases.

Press releases make your software stand out from the crowd.

Hire a press release professional, and target your news releases to the bloggers and editors who cover software like yours. These journalists can tell thousands of their readers about your program. Press releases cost a fraction of the cost of advertising. Learn more about my affordable press release writing and distribution services for software developers.

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