Thursday, December 13, 2012

Software Marketing Glossary Updates

DP Directory's Software Marketing Glossary continues to grow and provide marketing advice for microISVs. The Glossary isn't just a collection of short definitions. It's a library of marketing insights, feature-length articles, and money-making marketing tips for software developers, with enough "attitude" and illustrations to make it fun.

The latest Glossary updates include -


"Bring your own device" or BYOD is a growing consideration for today's IT managers in companies of all sizes. More and more, employees are bringing their smartphones and tablets to work, and using them on their companies' networks. The policy decisions of business IT managers will have a huge impact on which smartphones and tablets gain acceptance in the business marketplace. BYOD will determine the winners and losers, and will have a huge effect on software developers' incomes.


Consumerization is the recent trend in which the latest hardware and software are first introduced into the consumer marketplace. After a new technology is accepted by home users, it finds its way into the business environment.

This is a new trend. Handheld calculators were first built for the business and government marketplaces. As calculators gained acceptance, and mass production drove down prices, calculators were sold to consumers, too.

Consumerization changed everything. Smartphones and tablets were first introduced into the end-user marketplace. Only later did businesses start to determine how these devices should be used at work.

Consumerization, like BYOD, will help determine marketplace winners and users. So information about consumerization and BYOD should shape software developers' decisions about which platform to support for future development efforts.


Choreographer, dancer, and businesswoman Twyla Tharp defines "scratching" as the seemingly random searches for fodder that we all engage in when working on a new project. Learn more about how software developers should search for creative inspiration when developing and marketing applications.


Even if you're a software developer with no plans to buy or sell a software company, or to create a strategic partnership with another microISV, you need to know how to deal with software industry suppliers, vendors, colleagues, and other stakeholders. Learn more about negotiation in the Glossary.

The Software Marketing Glossary is huge, fun, and full of money-making ideas for software developers.

Please check it out!

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