Thursday, January 31, 2013

Press Releases and Lost Opportunity Costs

Don't cut corners on your software press release work.

You deserve better. It's a shame to spend a year creating a superb computer, Android, or iOS software application, and never know if it might have been a marketplace winner if you hadn't tried to save a few dollars on the press release that you distribute to editors, columnists, reviewers, and bloggers.

A lost opportunity cost would be the cost of not contacting important editors and columnists who could print a news release about your software. How much money would you lose if your next New Product Announcement weren't sent to the tech editors at The Associated Press, Bloomberg News, Copley News Service, and the other syndicates and news services?

Truth is, you'll sell more of your software if you include both direct costs and lost opportunity costs when crafting your software marketing plan.

A professionally written news release can spike a microISV's software sales.

The news release that you send to the English-language computer and smartphone magazines and bloggers has to say, "English is my first language." The editors and bloggers won't do the work required to fix your grammar, spelling, sense, agreement, or vocabulary. Hire a professional who will write a news release for your software - a news release that the editors can use.

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