Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sell to Your Existing Software Buyers

To maximize your software sales, you should find a way to sell more to the people with whom you already have a relationship.

Cross-sell software to existing customers. If you offer only one application at this time, then find a way to get your customers to buy other developers' software. Select another microISV who markets excellent applications, and offer their programs to your customers on an affiliate basis. The other developer has to target the same group that you're targeting, and they can't be offering a competing application.

It's important that the software that you sell on an affiliate basis have the same appeal that attracts customers to your existing programs. For example, if your software is known for its ease of use, then you shouldn't select a developer whose applications are known for being full-featured. Instead, choose another developer who takes the same minimalist approach to software design that you do.

Encourage your existing customers to upgrade from the Light version to the Standard version, and to the Professional version. If they're a home user who has bought a single-user license, offer them a family license.

If they're a business user, talk to them about multi-user and site licensing. Of course, make all of your customers aware of the whole range of products and services that your microISV company offers.

It's always easier to sell software to somebody with whom you already have a relationship. Concentrate on selling to your customer base, and you'll get an immediate bump in sales.

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