Monday, January 21, 2013

Why Guess When You Can Know

Although David Ogilvy concentrated on television, direct mail, and magazine ads during his amazing career in the advertising industry, much of what he discusses in his book "Ogilvy on Advertising" also applies to writing website sales presentations, PAD files, and emailed update announcements.

Ogilvy discouraged clients from placing ads on good TV programs. Instead, he recommended that they buy advertising time on reruns of old movies. You want viewers who watch boring television, Ogilvy tells us, so they'll be captivated by your enticing ad. And like all of Ogilvy's advice, this tidbit is not based on his personal opinion. He measured results carefully. Advertising on boring TV shows generates more income.

What does this tell us about buying banner ads on download sites, or guest blogging on other developers sites? I'd recommend that you do what Ogilvy did - measure everything, and compare the effects of your advertising on sales and profits.

Ogilvy insists that there is no correlation between the size of your audience and the number of orders that you will receive. Targeting is far more important than the size of your audience. Many microISVs assume that the best places to buy banner ads or downloads are the mega-download sites. Perhaps it makes sense to look at smaller sites that do a better job targeting the audience that you're trying to reach.

Many advertisers have been told that each TV or magazine ad should make one promise. Ogilvy thinks you should promise several benefits. Again, measure your results, change the text and images, and measure again.

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