Monday, February 18, 2013

Avoiding Me-Too Application Development

Business people need to know what the marketplace looks like, and what consumers want and need. So says former Nike marketing executive Liz Dolan in the book "That's Outside My Boat - Letting Go of What You Can't Control" by Charlie Jones and Kim Doren.

Dolan explains that in the creative process (as opposed to the business planning process), we need to keep marketplace conditions outside of our boats. If we don't forget about our competitors during the creative process, we risk creating a me-too look-alike product or service.

In my opinion, the software development industry suffers from this look-alike problem. Lots!

I believe that each of us in the software development industry needs to get into the habit of writing down ideas, large and small. Keep a pad and pen handy. And review the notes often.

Keeping notes, reviewing them regularly, and turning them into innovative products and services - that's how to turn creativity into success. That's what software marketing is all about.

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