Monday, February 4, 2013

More Tips for Naming Your Software Application

During the try-before-you-buy heyday of the 1990s, many software companies chose product names that would place them alphabetically at the top of lists in shareware catalogs. This technique had been popular for years with companies of all types.

Many company and product names were chosen so that they would sort near the beginning of telephone directories' Yellow Pages listings and near the top of product catalogs. And this technique continues to be popular as small independent software vendors (microISVs) want to sort high in category lists on download sites.

"I created a set of software applications whose names all begin with 'A1,'" says Thomas Schulz, the head of the Danish software development company Micro-Sys ApS. "I wanted all of my applications to sort together so that prospects would know that I offer a comprehensive family of software tools for webmasters. And I wanted my programs to display near the top of alphabetized lists."

In addition, Thomas likes the name "A1" because of its association with phrases such as "highest quality" and "best of breed."

Today, Thomas offers six applications with names like
as well as A1 Website Analyzer, A1 Website Download, A1 Website Scraper, and A1 Website Search Engine.

It may not be simple to remember all of the names. But if you own one of Thomas' A1 webmaster applications, it doesn't take a lot of work to find the other programs.

Branding and search engine optimization (SEO) have largely replaced the need for choosing names that sort high on alphabetized lists. But it still makes sense for software developers to create a family of applications, and name them consistently.

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