Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Writing Press Releases that Editors will Print and Post

Every day, editors receive a lot of press releases. They receive more than they can print in their publications or post on their online sites.

You can increase your chances of being published by writing a news release that editors can use. Submit your press releases in well-written English. Follow the recommendations that you read in this blog and on my website, and you'll greatly increase the amount of ink that the editors will give you.

If the editors think that their readers will be interested in your press release, then they'll try to print or post it.

Start with a clear statement of what the "news" is in your news release. Say that you've released a new application, or a new version of an existing application. Then, tell the editors why your program is different from - and better than - your competitors' programs. Make the editors want to publish your press release.

Press releases are a cost-effective method to tell the world about your computer and iPhone/Android software. Send press releases regularly, and ensure that you get your share of the free publicity that bloggers, software reviewers, magazine editors, and newspaper columnists provide to micro independent software vendors (mISVs). Start your press release campaign now.

Press releases get your smartPhone or desktop software noticed.

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