Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Emotional Software Sales Messages

Raw information is boring. Entertain your readers while you inform them.

This advice comes from Hank Nuwer, the author of "How to Write like an Expert about Anything - Bring Factual Accuracy and the Voice of Authority to Your Writing."

Nuwer recommends that we get our readers emotionally involved in our writing. This makes a lot of sense when writing sales presentations for software.

  • If you're marketing educational software, and you can get parents thinking about how your software will help their children succeed, you'll find your writing rewarding, literally.
  • If you're selling business applications, and you can demonstrate that entrepreneurs' competitors are going to take some market share away from them unless they install and use your application, then that might prove to be an effective way to increase software sales.

It's okay to use a little jargon in your writing, Nuwer tells us. Be sure to define your terms. And don't use too many buzzwords - you'll turn your readers off.

Nuwer also recommends that we use humor, give advice, and include anecdotes in our writing.

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