Monday, March 18, 2013

microISVs Shouldn't Wait Too Long

If you have an idea for a new software application that you'd like to develop, then take the time to determine if the program already exists in the marketplace. The world does not need another programmers' text editor.

If it's going to take you a year to develop the software, then be sure that there will still be a need for it a year from now. If Microsoft is including a new function in the next major release of Windows, then this might not be a good time to develop a stand-alone utility that largely duplicates Microsoft's planned feature.

In their book "What Were They Thinking? Marketing Lessons You Can Learn from Products That Flopped," authors Robert M. McMath and Thom Forbes tell the story about Clairol's introduction of Short and Sassy shampoo. It took the company a long time to introduce the product. By the time they put it on the shelves, fashion had changed and long hair was all the rage again.

Whether it's shampoo or software, if you take too long to release a product, you may miss an opportunity.

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