Monday, April 8, 2013

Editing Your Software Sales Presentation

Editing Your Software Sales Presentation

Omit needless words from your web pages. That's what Steve Krug told us in his 2000 book "Don't Make Me Think - A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability."

Things have changed.

In 2000, web designers wrote sales presentations for their human visitors. They didn't pay too much attention to the search engines.

Today, the emphasis has shifted. Business owners are looking for ways to add as much content as possible to their sites.

Back in 2000, Krug said that most web pages would benefit by having 75 percent of their words removed. His point is still true today - most web pages could be turned into much stronger sales presentations by pruning back much of the text.

But without that text, the search engines would be less likely to send traffic to that page. Unfortunately, keyword stuffing has replaced traditional editing in today's web pages, resulting in keyword-rich pages that put human visitors to sleep.

The solution is simple - Write for your human visitors. Weave the important keywords and key phrases into your sales presentation. Don't over-optimize your web pages and risk weakening the sales message for your human visitors. Create additional pages for keywords that are important for selling your software applications. Always keep your human visitors' needs at the top of your priority list.

Looking for more tips on writing your software sales message? There are 19 articles on my website about writing stronger sales messages, improving your website design, strengthening your copywriting, and adding marketing pages to your site. The links to these articles are at the bottom of the website review page on my DP Directory site.

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