Thursday, April 18, 2013

Marketing Sells Software

Book review of How to Become a Marketing Superstar - Unexpected Rules that Ring the Cash Register by Jeffrey J. Fox (published 2003 by Hyperion).

Before buying "How to Become a Marketing Superstar" I was never a fan of small books that promise to transform the reader's life. But this is a book that I can recommend to everybody in the software development industry.

"How to Become a Marketing Superstar" combines common sense and proven business practices to explore ways to find customers and keep them coming back. It's a book about marketing. It's not written for the software development industry, but its principles can help microISVs with their software marketing.

With his emphasis on practical ideas, Fox believes that marketing is about generating revenue. Either an idea brings in money, or you should drop it and try something else.

Fox believes that every business owner has to love their brand. So if a software developer isn't in love with his or her application, they won't be able to market it very effectively.

There's a lot of good advice in this easy-to-read book. You probably won't agree with everything that Fox has written. But at least you'll have plenty of marketing ideas to think about, and to apply to your software development business.

Here's my favorite quotation from Fox:
"Technology does not sell; marketing sells. The equation for success for technology-based new products is 2 percent technology and 98 percent marketing. Don't depend on fantastic new technology to sell itself. Nothing sells itself."

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