Monday, April 22, 2013

Minds Work by Ear

"Minds Work by Ear" is a chapter title in Jack Trout's book "The New Positioning." The author discusses the various senses, and how advertisers connect effectively with prospects.

Without exception, all of the successful positioning campaigns that Trout studied when researching his book were verbal, and not visual - or at least not exclusively visual. Images alone don't seem to be an effective way to position your product.

Trout believes that spoken words are much more effective than written words. The mind hangs onto spoken words longer than it saves written words. And spoken words can convey emotion as well as cognitive meaning.

In my opinion, well-chosen written words can convey a lot of emotion, too. A well-written sales presentation can help you sell more software. And when accompanied on a website by images that reinforce the sales message, you can create a compelling sales message.
The sound of your product name and the sound of your company name are important.

Trout recommends that we use printed words to carry the bulk of our sales presentations. But his book was written before podcasts, screencasts, and YouTube. I wonder what he would tell us today.

The bottom line - Don't use confusing words in your sales pitch. And use headlines that both look good and sound good. It's good software marketing.

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