Thursday, April 4, 2013

Newsworthy Press Releases

Software developers can get editors interested in their press releases if they tie their New Product Announcement together with an important news story.

For example, if you're offering a software application that can help people land their next job, then write your press release with a heavy emphasis on employment and the economy.

When deciding whether to print or post a news release about your software, the editors think about timing, impact, and location.

Timing is important. Stories about the economic downturn are going to be around for quite some time. Stories about hurricanes, political events, or pop culture have a very short shelf life. If your news story is fleeting, then write and distribute your press release. Now.

You'll get more ink if you can tie your software application to a high-impact news event. Location can be important, too. If there's a local hook to your news event, then be sure to send your press releases to the local newspapers, regional magazines, and the radio and TV stations.

Computer editors and bloggers want to tell your story to their subscribers.

Since 1984, DP Directory has been providing software developers with news release writing and submission services. In August of 1997 we introduced our press release emailing service. We've helped thousands and thousands of developers boost their software sales by getting them write-ups in magazines, newspapers, and blogs. We know the tech and smartphone marketplaces. We know how to get publicity for your software application.

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