Thursday, April 25, 2013

Positioning your Software in your Press Release

Always start your news release by introducing your software and putting it in context. Make it simple for editors to understand immediately what your software is about.

Next, say why your application is different from - and better than - your competitors' products. Give editors, bloggers, and software reviewers information about how they can get their readers excited about your software.

Your press release should be consistent with the marketing presentation on your website, and with all of your other advertising and promotion. Use the same positioning when you describe your software, and its features and benefits.

Before you write your website - or any advertising material - you must determine your positioning strategy. You weaken your software marketing efforts when you pretend that you're offering a one-size-fits-all application that will meet every need of every user. Instead, position yourself in a well-defined marketing niche and try to own that niche.

Perhaps you're offering the newest application, with the newest technology. Or perhaps you're at the other end of that spectrum, and you want to describe your program as the most established, most credible, and most stable software.

You can position your software as the least expensive program in the marketplace. Or you can say that your application is expensive, and worth every dollar that you charge.

Maybe you want to tout the power of your software, and the fact that it includes every feature that's available in the industry. Alternatively, you can say that your application is the easiest product to use, and doesn't contain all of the superfluous features found in competitive programs.

Before you start writing your press release - or the sales message on your website - ask yourself who your competitors are, and how are they positioned in their software marketing niche. How are they perceived by the people in their target market? Which facets of their software and marketing techniques are vulnerable, and which do you want to address in your write-up?

Use your news release to announce to your prospects how you want your application to be perceived. Remember that your press release is an exercise in software marketing, and not just a story about your program.

Press releases generate software sales.

Writing an effective New Product Announcement can be hard. You can't send the bloggers the sales pitch from your website. You can't submit your PAD file description. And you can't send them a nice story about your software application. You have to submit a professionally-crafted press release that they can use. We can help you write and submit your press release.

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