Thursday, April 11, 2013

Women and Multi-Tasking

Women lead multiple lives, Faith Popcorn and Lys Marigold tell us. You'll sell more products and services to women if you help them more easily integrate the things that you sell into their lives.

Popcorn and Marigold are the authors of the book "EVEolution - Understanding Women." And a major thesis of the book is summed up in the chapter title "If you're marketing to one of her lives, you're missing all the others."

The authors cite Helen Fisher's book "The First Sex." Men tune out things, and concentrate on doing one thing at a time. Women, by contrast, multitask and move more easily from task to task.

In Popcorn's words, "Women do everything, and men mostly work and work and work."

What does this mean for software developers? Popcorn and Marigold have removed the fiction that we should sell products and services to women using the same sales presentation that we use to sell to men.
Think through how female prospects can use your software, and include a sales presentation that addresses women.

For example, if you're selling educational software, describe your application as a vehicle for bringing the whole family together. Help women integrate your software into their lives.

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