Monday, May 13, 2013

Become Friends
with your Stakeholders

Learn to deal with your stakeholders socially, Mark McCormack tells us, and learn more about them as people. That's McCormack's advice in the "Etiquette for the New Millennium" chapter of McCormack's book "Never Wrestle with a Pig - and ninety other ideas to build your business and career." Some of you might remember McCormack as the author of "What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School".

If McCormack were talking to software developers, he no doubt would be encouraging them to get to know their local stakeholders - bankers, printers, and computer retailers - as well as their international stakeholders - eCommerce companies, download site owners, and marketing consultants.

You'll get more information alerts from these colleagues, the author tells us, if you give them that type of information, too. He believes that it's important to network with other people. But don't be obvious that you're networking. Help other people, and they'll help you.

One easy way to enjoy face-to-face contact with other software developers as well as other industry stakeholders is to attend local tech get-togethers. Many national and international computer associations have local chapters which meet regularly to share ideas. And don't forget the two English-language conferences for microISVs - European Software Conference and ISV Con.

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