Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Branding is Dead.
Long Live Branding!

Not so many years ago, the price of launching a new brand was so large that only the biggest businesses could afford this luxury. These enterprises spent huge amounts of money on television and magazine advertising to nudge people to buy their products and services.
This was true in the software industry, too. It was common for large software publishers to spend a lot of money on space advertising in both trade magazines and consumer publications.

Things have improved. While branding is less important today, promoting your brand still makes sense.
  • The Internet has levelled the playing field. Small independent software vendors (microISVs) can build websites that are as impressive as their well-financed competitors. Building new software brands is no longer restricted to large companies with deep pockets.
  • Consumers no longer rely on brands. The "question everything" attitude of the 1960s is still with us. Fewer people today believe that a well-known brand name means that its product or service will be of higher quality than the lesser-known brands'.
  • Press releases have made it simple - and affordable - for small software development companies to get coverage in magazines, newspapers, and online. Before the Internet, it was often necessary to hire a high-priced PR firm to write and postal-mail press releases to the editors. Today, all software developers can use a cost-effective press release service like mine to get the "free publicity" that editors, columnists, and bloggers give out every day.
Though branding has lost its unquestioned grip on consumers' wallets, don't make the mistake of ignoring your own branding efforts. Instead, be happy that branding has become so easy and affordable. Build your software brand. Now!

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