Monday, May 20, 2013

Press Release Writing Style

Write your press release message the way you would say it to a friend if you could choose your words carefully.

Never use high-priced words when plain-vanilla words will do the job. Don't use computer jargon that a significant number of your prospects might not understand. Do use technical terms if you're selling software that will be used exclusively by application developers, network administrators, or other tech-savvy people.

Editors are not favorably impressed by clever phrases. Editors are impressed when you write clearly, and when you use sentences that they can use in their publications and on their blogs, without having to rewrite them.

The software-buying public isn't impressed by obscure words, either. These prospects are impressed by clarity.

Editors simply won't tell their readers about things that they (the editors) don't understand. And prospects don't buy things they don't understand. Good software marketing requires you to write in a simple, conversational style that people will understand immediately.

Press releases put your software on the same level as the multi-million dollar developers' applications.
Millions of software and SaaS buyers make their software-buying decisions based upon what they see in the consumer and trade publications. Editors are eager to tell their readers about the newest desktop and smartphone software. We can help you get the press coverage that you deserve.

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