Monday, July 29, 2013

Stuck with an
Ugly Domain Name?

Are you frustrated with the quality of the domain name that you've chosen for your company? Do you think that a better name might have brought in more business over the past few years?

Well, you're not alone. According to a recent study of small business owners by Wakefield Research, as reported in the June 28, 2013 issue of Processor Magazine -
  • 49 percent of the businesses in the survey started with a different domain than the one that they're currently using.
  • 55 percent worry that they've lost business by not having the name that they would most like to have used.
  • 52 percent are interested in changing their current domain name to something better.
I've spoken with a lot of microISV business owners about their domain names, and I've been surprised by the number of domain names that most of these people have registered and never used. It may be time to dust off the best name that you've been paying for year after year but never used, and put it to work for your company. Start a blog. Or start a second blog if you already have one. It's never too late to create additional websites and generate additional traffic for your software business.

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