Friday, August 23, 2013

Closing the Software Sale Now

It's not enough for you to convince prospects that it's worthwhile to buy your product, Joe Girard tells us. You have to create a sense of urgency, and get them to buy now.

Girard is the author of the book "How to Close Every Sale - Field-tested, can't-lose techniques to win lifetime customers - and make every sale stick!" And while the author's experience is in selling automobiles face-to-face, many of his principles apply to Internet software sales, too.

If people have an emergency need, it's easy to sell your software. So, if your software removes malware or recovers files from hard drives, you don't have as big a hurdle to jump.

It's much harder to convince prospects to buy now because they may have a problem in the future.

Limited-time offers can be effective in closing the sale immediately. They send the message that indecision means a lost opportunity.

Be honest about your sales' expiration dates. Many online buyers are aware of the technique of declaring that your software is on sale until the end of the day. They know that if they come back next week on a different machine, they'll see the same message.

People often make buying decisions emotionally, and use reason to justify their emotional decision. Create some real urgency for buying your software immediately, and you'll increase your software sales.

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