Monday, August 26, 2013

Disguising an Advertisement
as a Press Release?

Editors print news releases. Free. But editors won't print advertising messages for free. Period.

The number one reason editors discard press releases is because they contain hyperbole. Your news release has to be a news item, or you're wasting your time sending it to journalists.

You cannot say things like "Widget 5.0 includes a feature set that is unmatched in any competitive products." If you include this type of advertising copy in your press release, and the magazines print your press release, then they'd be giving you an endorsement. You would immediately plaster your website with the words "Widget 5.0 includes a feature set that is unmatched in any competitive products" and you'd name the magazine that printed your press release as the source of those words.

No editor will let you turn your press release into an endorsement that you attribute to their magazine or newspaper. So, don't put any hype in your press release.

If you include a little puffery in your New Product Announcement, the editors will remove it. If you include a lot of puffery in your news release, the editors will trash your write-up and use another microISV's news.

You can't describe your application as "revolutionary" or "ground breaking". You can't say that your program sets a new standard for its type of software, or that your application eclipses its competitors. You can't say that your app is the oldest or the newest, or make any claim that the editors cannot immediately verify independently.

You don't have to put the editors to sleep with your press release message. But you can't talk about your application setting a new paradigm.

Most magazines will let you buy advertising space and make just about any claim you'd like about your new software. But if your goal is to get publications to print your press release for free, you have to eliminate the sales hype, and talk objectively about your software's features and benefits.

The news release that you submit to the editors and bloggers has to be written in a style that they can use. Hire a professional marketing person to write your New Product Announcement. Don't rely on somebody who is sending press releases as a side business. You owe it to yourself to work with a professional press release person to promote your software and maximize your sales.

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