Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Selling Cars and Selling Software

Book review of How to Sell Yourself by Joe Girard (published 1988 by Warner Books).

You can sell more of your software if you learn how the world's greatest car salesperson crafted and managed his career. Joe Girard can help you with your software marketing.

The Guiness Book of Records names Joe Girard the world's greatest salesman. As a Cadillac salesman, he outsold every other car salesman in the United States, 12 years running. In "How to Sell Yourself," Joe tells how he went from humble beginnings to being so successful as a sales person. In Joe's mind, he didn't sell vehicles. He sold himself to his prospects.

While much of "How to Sell Yourself" deals with face-to-face selling, most of the principles apply to selling software applications on the Internet. The key to a successful sales career is selling yourself, and becoming the kind of person that prospects and customers trust. In a marketplace where large corporations spend lots of money buying name recognition for their brands, Joe Girard used honesty, friendliness, and service to build a successful sales career.

Software developers can apply these same principles to their web sites, blogs, and emailed sales messages. Your website has its own personality. And you can communicate Joe Girard's principles with your writing style, your customer service policies, and the overall friendliness of the website. And these principles apply to the trial version of your software, which is one of your strongest sales tools.

microISVs can learn a lot by studying successful people in other fields. You can strengthen your software marketing skills by spending a couple of hours reading the insights of a man who built a successful sales career. This book is a quick read, and worth the time. It can give you some keen insights into software marketing.

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