Thursday, September 19, 2013

Marketing Software to Women

Book review of EVEolution - Understanding Women - Eight Essential Truths that Work in Your Business and Your Life by Faith Popcorn and Lys Marigold (published 2001 by Hyperion).

EVEolution is a marketing theory that is based on the observation that men and women are different with respect to how they purchase products and services. Simply put, it makes no sense to market to both genders in the same way. While EVEolution is not a book about selling software programs, it can help with your software marketing.

The authors believe that there are significant differences between women and men which affect the way they receive and process marketing messages. Men and women shop differently. That's why reading EVEolution can enhance your software marketing - and your software sales.

It has become fashionable to deny that there are gender differences of any type. Popcorn and Marigold insist that we have to recognize that real differences exist. And we need to market differently to women and men. EVEolution presents eight principles that "reveal how to understand, reach, motivate, and sustain the loyalty of the female customer."

Women buy lots of goods and services. For example, at the time EVEolution was published, there were 13 million single mothers in the United States who made buying decisions for their households. Similarly, many women and girls are making software-buying decisions.

I believe that the ideas, case studies, and blue-sky brainstorming in EVEolution will trigger ideas that will generate more software sales. Whether it's setting up a forum and building a community of users for your software, or adding an "About the Company" page to your website that reveals that your microISV company is a female-owned firm, there are lots of things that you can do immediately that will increase sales to women.

Don't expect to find a bunch of ideas about selling software applications. Most of the examples in EVEolution are about creating brand loyalty and long-term sales for household products and personal consumer goods. You have to translate these principles into the world of software marketing.

Women buy differently than men. Women have a significant amount of buying power. You can sell more of your software applications if you target women effectively. While I personally wouldn't name any of EVEolution's theories "Truths", the book presents some good insights into how to market more effectively to women.

In 2001, the 8- to 12-year old girls' market had 15-million members in the United States. These youngsters spent roughly $5-billion each year just on clothing. They need to purchase your software, too.

EVEolution is a quick read. One or two ideas from EVEolution can make it a good investment of your time. It can boost your software marketing efforts.

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