Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Starting a Software Development Company

If you're an experienced software developer and you've dreamed about selling your software applications to consumers and businesses, then you should check out the new software business training course which will be held in London, England.

It's a 2-day intensive course on how to create a profitable business selling the PC, Mac, or online software that you've created. The instructor is Andy Brice, an experienced and successful software developer who has written extensively about how to run a software business.

The course is designed for entrepreneurs who will be self-financing their microISV companies. There won't be tips on finding venture capitalists or angels who will bankroll your project. And it's certainly not a programming course.

If you're prepared to work your butt off for two days (Saturday and Sunday, November 23 - 24, 2013), your £650 + VAT investment can bring you the knowledge you need to launch your business and avoid the pitfalls that hurt so many programmers who try to turn their technical knowledge into a successful business.

Visit Andy's Successful Software blog to learn more about the course

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