Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Screenshots and Press Releases

Email your press release as plain text. Don't include a screenshot or boxshot image with your press release. It's okay to include a link to a screen shot or a link to a product shot in your press release. But many editors - perhaps most editors - won't even open emails that have attachments.

Better yet, create a press resources page on your web site, and point to it in your press release. Use your news release to tell the editors that your press page has logos, screenshots, box shots, and background information.

There are some real benefits to having a press resources page on your site: Editors and bloggers will feel welcome. Software reviewers will think that you take them seriously. Prospects and customers will see that you expect the press to take your software seriously.

Use New Product Announcements to tell thousands of prospects about your application. News releases create more software sales. Transform your unknown software application into a best-seller with press releases.

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