Monday, November 11, 2013

Software Sales and Gender

There's a very funny story in Paco Underhill's excellent book "Why We Buy - The Science of Shopping." The story demonstrates the difference between male and female shoppers.

Underhill observed a man shopping for underwear. The guy grabbed a handful of waistband, pulled it out, and tried to read what size shorts he wears. By contrast, Underhill tells us, it's hard to imagine a woman who doesn't know her underwear size.

If men and women buy your software differently, then it makes sense to have two different paths through your web site. Or maybe the major split is between newbies and techies. Or young and old. Or single-license buyers versus people who buy multi-user and site licenses. Or teachers versus parents.

Think through the different uses and benefits that would interest each group of prospects, and design a unique sales path for each group.

It takes a lot more work to create multiple sales paths on your website. But there are two big advantages to this approach:

  • Every prospect finds a sales message tailored to their needs.
  • Google and the other search engines get a lot more keyword-rich content to index, and to use to send more traffic to your site.

Measure your current sales. Add more sales messages. Measure again.

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