Monday, December 9, 2013

Don't Say "shareware" in your Press Release

Don't use the term "shareware" when marketing your software.

Perhaps include the word "shareware" - one time only - on your website, in case somebody types it into their favorite search engine when looking for an application like yours. The term "shareware" can be a confusing or negative word to many prospects. And it can be a serious turn-off to corporate buyers.

It's okay to say that you have a free trial version of your software that prospects can download. But don't call it "shareware."

Magazines and newspapers rely upon subscription income, advertising income, and various methods of monetizing their online sites. Magazine and newspaper publishers define a "shareware author" as somebody who doesn't buy advertising. Given two high-quality news releases, one for a shareware product and one for a shrink-wrapped shelfware product, it benefits the magazine or newspaper to print the shelfware press release because the shelfware publisher is more likely to become an advertiser.

It's true that most publications have a brick wall between their editorial and advertising departments. But you simply don't help yourself get publicity by describing your software as "shareware".

Press releases make your application memorable.

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