Monday, December 30, 2013

Mentioning your Software's 5-Star Rating
in your Press Release

It's good software marketing to mention great reviews that you've received from well-respected download sites. Many of today's editors know that a high rating from some of the minor download sites doesn't mean much. But good ratings from the top download sites are worth mentioning.

Be careful, though, when citing the reviews that you've gotten from magazines and newspapers. If your press release mentions a good review from a publication that is a direct competitor to the one that's considering printing your news release, they might not be interested in supporting you and validating their competitor's judgment.

News releases are a cost-effective way to market more software.

Your competitors are using news releases to promote their smartphone and computer software. So should you! Contact DP Directory, and start getting your share of free publicity from bloggers, newspapers, and magazines.

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