Monday, January 27, 2014

Press Releases and Trial Versions

The vast majority of software authors mention in their press releases that they offer a trial version of their application. But since nearly all software developers offer trial versions, the editors and bloggers rarely mention the availability of these trial versions.

There's a difference between prospects who visit your website because they've found you in Google search, and prospects who visit your site because they read your press release in a newspaper or magazine.

People who learned about your software in Google are ready to try. They want to see if your software meets their needs.

People who read about your software in a newspaper or magazine write-up are ready to buy. Your software has been recommended by an expert, and they're ready to make a purchase.

Press releases result in software sales, not just downloads of trial versions.

Your software deserves the best. Don't trust your news release emailing to a developer who maintains an editor list as a side business. Trust a professional. Contact Al Harberg at DP Directory today for your press release writing and distribution.

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