Thursday, February 6, 2014

Software Development Jobs on the Rise

Between mid-2013 and early 2019, there will be a 45 percent increase worldwide in the number of professional software developers. So says Evans Data in its "Worldwide Developer And Demographics Study," as reported in a recent issue of Processor magazine. The number of developers will go from 18.2 million in mid-2013 to 26.4 million by 2019.

The Processor magazine article didn't distinguish between software developers who will work for the IT departments of companies and nonprofits versus developers who will become small independent software vendors (microISVs).

Most of the growth in software development jobs will be in India, China, and Russia. Development jobs in the US and Canada will grow about 25 percent during the period.

Fasten your seat belts. It looks like the next few years will bring a lot more competitors into the software development arena.

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