Friday, March 7, 2014

Marketing and Visibility

"A campaign or promotion that doesn't get consumers to buy more of your product is, by definition, a dud," Sergio Zyman tells us. "Buy my product. Period."

In his book "The End of Marketing As We Know It," Zyman talks about the right and wrong reasons to launch an advertising campaign. Actually, there's only one right reason. Advertising is all about selling more product and making more money. It's not about visibility or brand-building or market-share.

Recalling his job as a top Coca-Cola marketing executive, Zyman discusses the famous Mean Joe Greene Coca-Cola ad. Everybody remembers it. But it didn't sell more Coke. It was a dud.

If Zyman were in the software development industry, he would be urging all of us to do those things which generate more profit. Becoming more visible is a nebulous concept that often doesn't translate into increased revenue or profit. Gaining market share sounds good, but not if the advertising cost eats up your profits.

There's never certainty when it comes to marketing, advertising, and promotion. You'll never know in advance if buying pop-unders will be cost-effective, or if an AdWords buy will generate significant revenue. But you owe it to yourself - and to your brand - to think through the likelihood of the success of your marketing campaigns, and to choose the ones that generate real dollars.

Since the 1960's, press releases have been an essential part of every successful software developer's marketing plan. Press releases are an affordable way to generate interest and excitement - and sales - about your software.

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