Monday, April 28, 2014

Bulk Emailing your Press Releases

Always send your press releases individually.

Of course, you can use emailing software that sends your news releases to a large list of editors, bloggers, reviewers, and columnists. But never send your press releases to a cc list, a blind cc list, or to a suppressed recipient list. From the editors' perspective, they should think that a software developer sent them an individual email containing a press release.

It's okay if you use a professional press release submission service such as DP Directory. Using the service's "from" address and your company's "reply to" address will increase deliverability.

Avoid sending your press releases to generic names. It's the email equivalent of "junk mail" to send your press releases to generic names such as "Technology Editor" or "Software Reviewer".

Similarly, avoid sending your press releases to generic addresses. When you submit your news release to editor@ or news@, it's going to be read by a clerical person who may - or may not - take the time to deliver your announcement to the right individual. Instead, be sure to get the editors' actual names and email addresses. Send your press releases to each editor's real inbox.

Press releases are more credible than ads. They just work better.

To increase your computer and smartphone software sales, your press release has to be written in proper English. If you use my news release submission service, I'll review your press release for free and give you my feedback. If you'd prefer, I can write your press release for you, affordably and quickly.

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