Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sponsorships for microISVs

"A well-chosen and well-managed sponsorship can move your brand forward more dramatically than almost any other marketing activity." That's what David F. D'Alessandro said in his book "Brand Warfare - 10 Rules for Building the Killer Brand."

D'Alessandro drew on his experience of working for huge enterprises when he wrote about the value of sponsoring sporting and artistic events. Here in the software development industry, many microISVs have shared sponsorship in the last decade for such tech events as the European Software Conference (ESWC), the Software Industry Conference (SIC), and the Independent Software Vendor Conference (ISV Con).

I've been a sponsor of the European Software Conference (ESWC) for eight years. Few mISVs are in a position to sponsor larger national events such as CES or CeBIT. But there are other relationships that we can form with outside organizations that could increase our visibility. There are local civic events, scholarship programs, and regional and national organizations who are looking for business partners.

In the software development field, there are a number of membership organizations and exhibition/award organizations that offer visibility to supporters. Sponsorships give your brand visibility and credibility.

Look for opportunities in vertical markets, too, to sponsor an organization or an event. Create partnerships with trusted institutions. Start building these important relationships today.

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