Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Press Releases and Vertical-Market Editors

The number of computer editors, columnists, and bloggers who should be receiving your press release will vary depending on the type of software that you offer. It's a different world for consumer versus business software, professional versus home programs, and for Windows versus iOS versus Android apps.

Don't include off-topic or off-platform editors in your press release submission. On the other hand, be sure to send your press releases to properly-targeted vertical markets. For example, if you sell educational software, you want to send your press releases to the computer and education editors and bloggers. You also want to send your educational press releases to parenting, women's interests, and seniors/mature editors.

Similarly, you want to send press releases about your multimedia application to tech editors plus music critics, movie columnists, and other editors who cover multimedia applications.

It's simple: Press releases generate software sales. Contact me about your news release campaign.

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