Monday, June 30, 2014

Building your own
Press Release Submission List

You can't build a very good press release list from the Internet.

Your home-grown list is going to contain a high percentage of generic names (like "Computer Editor") and generic email addresses (such as "editor@") versus actual names (like "John Smith") and actual email addresses(such as "jsmith@").

Instead of building your own list, find a professional press release submission service. Professionals keep track of all of the important publications, the names of key editors, and the beats that they cover. The best press release submission services are contacted by editors, bloggers, and reviewers who want to be added to their distribution lists.

Choose a company that specializes in computer products. You'll want to reach multiple editors at hundreds of the larger magazines and newspapers. And unless a company specializes in reaching tech editors, they probably won't have more than one person at each magazine or newspaper.

Don't trust your press release distribution work - or any of your marketing efforts - to somebody who does this work as a hobby or as a side-business.

Sell more software and SaaS applications with well-crafted press releases.

Your news release has to convince bloggers and editors that you have a unique application that can make their readers' lives more productive. Your news release also has to sell your program's benefits to the publications' subscribers. You have to accomplish these goals without sounding like you're delivering a sales pitch. You need professional help from an experienced press release person. Contact Al Harberg now.

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