Monday, June 2, 2014

Repositioning Your Software

Jack Trout didn't write his book "The New Positioning" with the software marketing industry in mind. But most of his ideas about positioning and repositioning apply to microISVs and their software applications.

Trout mentions four reasons that companies lose track of their market positions -

  • Technology is changing quickly.
  • Consumer attitudes are changing even faster.
  • Competition has gone global.
  • Your competitors are getting smarter.

Consumers are uncomfortable with companies that try to offer products in multiple categories, Trout believes. This is a good argument for moving your Android game app to a different website than your Windows utilities.

Positioning is about getting consumers to align your products with a particular idea or word. Trout says that by diversifying, you confuse consumers, and weaken your brand.

I'm not so sure. By diversifying, we often adapt to changing conditions, surprise our customers, and find new markets. I've found that diversifying products or services can be a good thing.

Trout and I both agree that it's okay to change your product if you can improve it. But don't make changes for the sake of making changes.

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