Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Editorial Evaluation Software

Most press releases should include an offer to send editors, columnists, reviewers, and bloggers an "eval" or editorial evaluation copy of your software.

An evaluation copy is a full copy of your program, and not the trial version. As recently as ten years ago, it was common for editors to request evaluation copies. Today, very few editors will ask for one. But when they do make such a request, you should send them the full version, and not the time-limited trial version. There is very little danger that editors will intentionally or accidentally distribute your program.

Since many software developers who send press releases to editors are selling shelfware, the editors are used to getting evaluation copies in full-color, shrink-wrapped boxes. If you don't offer boxed software, you could respond to an editor's request for an eval by suggesting that they download your trial version, and that you'll email them a registration code. Truth is, many editors would prefer to have the program today, and not wait a few days to receive a copy in a colorful box (which they'll immediately throw away).

If your press release describes your software as a service (SaaS), your offer to the editors should be for a complimentary account.

Market your software program with press releases. Be certain that your prospects are finding write-ups about your computer programs and Android/iPhone apps in the tech blogs, magazines, and newspapers. Send news releases regularly to the media, and keep your name in front of your prospects.

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