Saturday, July 19, 2014

Smartphone Theft Doubles

Nearly twice as many US smartphones were stolen in 2013 (3.1 million) than in 2012 (1.6 million). So says the latest Consumer Reports "Annual State of the Net" survey.

According to Consumer Reports' electronics editor Glenn Derene, the number of lost and stolen smartphones is growing, and many smartphone owners are putting their personal information at risk by "not taking basic security measures."

The survey reports that the number of smartphone owners in 2013 who set a four-byte passcode is about 50 percent greater than the number who set a passcode in 2012. Few smartphone owners, however, take greater security precautions.

microISVs who develop and sell iOS and Android apps should have password-protection and privacy-protection regimens in their apps. As consumers and business people become more aware of the risks associated with lost and stolen smartphones, the software developers who position themselves as supportive of security and privacy protection will have a marketing advantage over the microISVs who don't.

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