Monday, August 11, 2014

BYOD Has Security Issues

Gartner published the results of their fourth-quarter 2013 survey of 995 US workers who use a personal smartphone, notebook, or tablet at their workplaces. Nearly half of the workers, who are part of the bring your own device (BYOD) to work movement, use their devices for a combination of work-related and social purposes during working hours. Gartner points out that cyber attacks on those devices result in both a threat to the employees' personal data and to their employers' data.

One quarter of the people surveyed said that they had had a security issue with their device in the past year. Only 27 percent of the people who had experienced a security event told their employers about it. Gartner believes that corporations and other enterprises need to have policies in place that require communication from employees when there has been any type of data loss, security problem, or compliance violation on the devices that employees bring into the workplace.

Small independent software vendors (microISVs) need to monitor the BYOD movement and see what types of policies enterprises are adopting to deal with the security threats related to this practice. It is likely that some standard policies will emerge, and software developers who market apps and applications that conform to these policies will be in a better position to sell multi-user and site licenses to these business customers.

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